Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ezra on Samuelson

Ezra Klein has the perfect response to Samuelson's latest:
Watching Robert Samuelson contort himself over economic inequality is actually sort of fun*. In a column that accurately diagnoses the problem, it's remarkable how studiously he dodges identifying any causal mechanisms that could suggest the economy is in any way unfair, or tilted against workers... [S]ays Samuelson, "as for what's caused greater inequality, we're also in the dark." Particularly when you refuse to turn on the lights in the rooms you don't want to look.

But even if Samuelson's diagnosis is riddled with omissions, his prescriptive paragraph is both brave and trenchant. "It would be healthier if the trend toward greater economic inequality reversed itself spontaneously."

Yes Robert. Yes it would.

*Fun may be the wrong word here.
The lesson: read Ezra more.

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