Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Exchange Rate Data

I'll be Econoblogging with Menzie Chinn about exchange rates over the next day or two. As a reference (primarily for myself), I wanted to just put up a couple of pictures of various US dollar exchange rates.

The first shows the value of the US dollar against a few major trading partners over the past 5 years. Series are measured as an index such that a lower index number indicates a weaker dollar, and the average exchange rate for 2003 is set equal to 100 for each series. Note that the trade-weighted exchange rate is the broad index calculated by the Federal Reserve, and that data goes up to December 12, 2006.

The next picture shows a closeup of exchange rate movements over the past year. To better show recent movements in each exchange rate, I've recentered each series around its June 2006 value, which is set to 100.


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